Pre-Marital and Marital Counselling

Pre-Marital Counselling: Counselling and psychotherapy to help couples prepare better for their married life – their 50:50 partnership. It aims to help build a stronger foundation for marriage and teaches tools and techniques to avoid conflict.  A wide range of aspects are covered including personality types and traits, psychological needs, personal and couple goals and aspirations, effective communication, overcoming personal biases and intimacy, sexuality, sexual myths and fears. (Pre-Marital Counselling can be offered to individuals, couples and small groups)

Marital Counselling: Counselling and psychotherapy to help couples who are conflicted in their relationship or are starting to drift apart. It aims to impart skills and attitudes to understand one’s partner/spouse perspective, improve communication, take 50:50 responsibility for the marriage and recommit to it, learn how to enhance intimacy and connection, learn tools and techniques to deal better with distressful emotions and to avoid future conflict or deal better with it.

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