The Counselling Agreement

The Prism Counselling Service Agreement

This Service Agreement between you (the Client), your Counsellor and Prism Counselling will be valid for the duration of your counselling engagement with Prism Counselling.

Please read the terms and conditions of this Agreement and confirm your acceptance by signing the Agreement.

  1. Confidentiality: The counselling session will be conducted under strict confidentiality adhering to the global code of ethics of the counselling profession. Your counsellor will not disclose your identity or discuss the details of your case with anyone unless certain exceptional circumstances prevail that require her / him to breach confidentiality as per worldwide counselling ethics. The counsellor will inform you in advance, where possible, in the rare event that they need to break confidentiality.
  2. Breach of confidentiality: Exceptional circumstances under which the counsellor will need to inform a doctor, a responsible person in your family or an appropriate organization or entity about the feared risk or danger are:
    1. If the counsellor believes you are at risk of seriously harming yourself, injuring someone else or at serious risk of being harmed by someone else
    2. If during the counselling session, it becomes evident that you have committed or intend to commit a crime such as robbery, child abuse, sexual abuse, murder or terrorism
  3. Maintaining records: Detailed records of your sessions with your counsellor as well as any homework assignments or self-reflection tasks that you may have submitted, will be stored confidentially.
  4. Online Counselling: You can avail of online counselling in a variety of ways using your telephone, mobile, computer or other digital devices. You can discuss and agree with your counsellor your preferred mode of communication which may be one or more of the following options:
    1. Video session e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype
    2. Audio session e.g. Telephone, Mobile phone, WhatsApp, Facetime
    3. Email chat
  5. Referral: If your counsellor believes that another online counsellor would be better placed to help you, he/she will suggest a change and will support you through the transition to another counsellor from the Prism Counselling panel members.  If the counsellor believes that face-to-face counselling, rather than online counselling, will be a better for you, they will support you till you find a new counsellor and will transition you through the change.
  6. Duration of session: Each counselling session will be of 50-60 minutes duration. If the session is shorter due to a delay from your end or is cut short by you, the full session fee will be charged. However, if the counsellor is responsible for the shorter duration (less than 50 minutes), you can ask your counsellor for a proportional refund of fee.
  7. Fee structure: The fee for individual and couple counselling will be as per the latest pricing structure (details available on the Prism counselling website).
  8. Planned/Unplanned breaks: Your counsellor may be on leave from time to time and if so, will give adequate notice of leave to you. Similarly, you will need to give advance notice to your counsellor if you need to take a break from counselling for a few days owing to a holiday or some other commitments, etc. If you cancel or miss a counselling session without notice, the full session fee will have to be paid by you. If the counsellor misses a session without prior notice to you, you will not be charged for that session.
  9. Scope of services: The types of issues Prism Counselling helps clients with are usually mental health issues such as inter-personal relationships, parenting challenges, stress and anxiety, family conflict, marital discord, workplace challenges, loneliness & depression, fears & phobias, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, etc. Prism Counselling currently does not provide legal counselling, financial counselling, clinical counselling or psychiatric treatment. In case a client needs such specialised help, your counsellor will refer you to an appropriate professional.
  10. Disclosure: It is always advisable to be completely honest with your counsellor so that they can help you to the best of their abilities and you can maximise your potential benefits. This becomes even more critical in online counselling as your counsellor cannot interpret your facial expressions or body language as well as they can in-person. In addition to full and honest disclosure, it is critical that you share the following information with your counsellor:
    1. any past experience you may have had of counselling or therapy
    2. any medications you may be taking currently or have done in the recent past
    3. any mental health issue you may have – whether or not you have had treatment for it in the past
    4. any family history of mental health illness
    5. if you are being physically abused by someone
    6. if you fear for your safety
    7. if you have suicidal thoughts
  11. Continuity: Once you have signed up for counselling services with Prism Counselling, you will have the same counsellor for all your sessions so you can gain maximum benefit from their services. Your emails and messages will be directed to the same counsellor.
  12. Dissatisfaction with counsellor: If at some point you are dissatisfied with your counsellor and would like a change, you can request for a change of counsellor, providing clear reasons for your dissatisfaction.


I agree to the terms and conditions of this Service Agreement.

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Signature: ______________________________

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