Who We Are

Prism Counselling is a one-stop service provider offering a wide range of mental health and well-being services for individuals and institutions, to help them effectively deal with difficulties and challenges in everyday life.

We are a group of qualified and experienced professionals offering:

  • Counselling, psychotherapy and coaching
  • Workshops, training programmes and talks
  • Psychological Testing

We are based in India and offer both online and face-to-face services across the country.

“ What Our Clients Say ”



“…meeting you is like MAGIC….toppled down train back on track…well almost. Can’t bless you enough for making me ‘capable’ of handling situations…”


“May God bless you for the noble work of healing humanity… You helped me when I was badly in need of healing…”


“Renu infused me with a new spirit…. Thanks seems at times such an inadequate word to express. Can’t bless you enough for making me capable of handling situations.”


“I am so grateful to you to support me…that I cannot describe in words…. Keep up your beautiful work and profession of helping people. Big big hug and cheers to you. 🙂 :)”


“Counselling with Renu has been an enlightening journey…. I have experienced a huge transformation in me and have been able to bounce back…. stronger and better…  She has helped me understand &  connect with my true self.”

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