Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling/psychotherapy is a private and confidential process in which you discuss and explore, with a professionally trained counsellor/psychotherapist, your feelings, emotions and thoughts related to a situation or issue that is troubling you. The aim of the counsellor/ psychotherapist is to help you effectively cope with or overcome the problem.

Seeking counselling / psychotherapy is not a sign of weakness; it just indicates you could do with a little help in effectively dealing with a problem or situation.

Counselling vs Psychotherapy:  The difference between psychological counselling and psychotherapy is mainly that while Counselling is a relatively short-term process focused on addressing a specific symptom or problem such as managing stress or anxiety, Psychotherapy focuses on gaining insight into distressful problems. equipping the client with tools and techniques to deal with broader issues such as faulty patterns of thoughts and behaviors that cause dysfunctionality in dealing with everyday life while at work, home, socialising etc.

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